Walpurgis dinner

From Sollidens Matsal you can follow Skansen’s Walpurgis celebration out on Sollidenplan while enjoying your Walpurgis dinner. More information to follow!

At Skansen, Valborg is celebrated with programs on the Sollidenscenen from afternoon to late evening. In addition to celebrations with Stockholm’s students, there will be spring speeches and concerts. The Walpurgis bonfire is lit at 21.00.

The Walpurgis bonfires were originally lit to hunt away both predators and supernatural beings before the animals were released to pasture for the first time on 1 May. Noises were made around the fires – they shot, hit drums, rattled with pot lids and shouted. In Germany, it was believed that witches had witch sabbaths on the eve of Walpurgis Mass, and therefore bonfires were lit outdoors to keep them at a distance. In Sweden, the Walpurgis Mass fires were concentrated in Uppland and adjoining landscapes where they arrived with German immigrants. On the west coast, Easter lights are lit instead of Walpurgis bonfires. Feel free to read more about the history of Valborg and programs on Skansen’s website