f you are planning a party with food, dancing and entertainment in a pleasant and casual atmosphere, Högloftet is the best you can choose. Here, as well as in Nyloftet, which is adjacent, the environment is rustic and cozy with furnishings of an old-fashioned feel.
If you are planning a real Viking party, Högloftet has the perfect setting! It offers mead, entertainment and traditional food at genuinely set tables. Högloftet is suitable for up to 250 guests for a party, and for a conference; 285 guests.


Conference seating Dinner seating
Sqm Theatre
Classroom seating U-table Round tables Straight
Högloftet 198 285 128 60 168 208
Foajén 120


Internet Yes, wifi
Dim-out Yes
Sound system No*
Scene No*
Wheelchair accessible Yes

* Possible to rent