If you are planning a party with food, dancing and entertainment in a pleasant and unconstrained atmosphere, Högloftet is the best you can choose! The venue is situated in the middle of Skansen, among farms and animals. The environment is rustic and snug with a decor of old-fashioned character. Högloftet is suitable for larger parties up to 250 people, it offers all the possibilities for your wedding reception!

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Gustavianska Våningen

This beautifully decorated venue with a splendid view of the inlet of Stockholm is located in the Solliden House. Gustavianska våningen is the ultimate party venue with a separate dining and salon, where the salon, Bråvalla, is perfect for the ensuing party! In the dining room there is room for approximately 100 seated guests. This is the venue for the party you want to remember!

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Nyloftet and Herrgårdsvåningen

Nyloftet is a beautiful venue in a folk romantic setting with room for up to 120 guests. On the ground floor, under the loft, is Herrgårdsvåningen with a dining room and two smaller rooms, all with 18th century décor. Herrgårdsvåningen accommodates 50 guests. For larger groups Herrgårdsvåningen can be combined with the loft.

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Krogen Tre Byttor

Step straight into the 18th century and discover what it was to go to the tavern at Bellman’s time. Restaurant Tre Byttor is, like an 18th century restaurant, divided into three different rooms (in the old days adapted to your social class). The largest room, the dining room, fits the smaller group as we can accommodate up to 50 seated guests. The premises include a magnificent outdoor terrace which of course can be used in connection with the party!

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