Smörgåsbord and Sing along

What is summer without Sing along on Skansen?

Booking the rehearsal package to Sing along summer 2016, gives you access to front row seating by the scene.

The offer includes:

Entrance to Skansen

The traditional ”Smörgåsbord”

Seating to the rehearsal at Sing along on Skansen.

Price for adults 575 sek
Price for children up to 12 years 415 sek

The event starts at 14:30 at Solliden, where we serve the classic Swedish ”smörgåsbord” . The guests shall have checked in and taken their seats at the latest 16:50 pm.

If you would prefer to see the official show of Sing along on Skansen that starts 20:00 pm you can book seats to Smörgåsbordet at Solliden and enjoy the show at the same time since you have a good view of the scene from the restaurant.

Click here for Smörgåsbord 2016-06-16

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